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Ivelisse is a proud partner at Effectively Creative Group, LLC, owners of the First Lifestyle WebTV in Puerto Rico, VidaMia.TVΒ and also creators of the viral parody video of Miley Cyrus: The Wrecking Ball, “La Miley de Lajas”.

Ivelisse is in charge of the Digital Media Management at ECG. And she also works directly with the deployment and support of the videoconferencing infrastructure behind Google Hangouts (Ivelisse didnt install Google Hangouts, just a quick reference for you to know what Vidyo is). She is certified as a Vidyo Deployment and Support Engineer.

She also developed, along with her partners, the concept of ZenBranding where she designs ambient fragrances with essential oils for commercial and health related environments.

With all these responsibilities she needs a good sniff of lavender at the end of each day, but she enjoys it.

She has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Ivelisse also has studies from a Master degree in Psychology. Yeah, she’s a nerd.

These two field of studies, combined with her constant learning in everything related to the digital world, has helped her develop skills to elaborate strategies for her clients to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level, taking in consideration marketing psychology and how consumers respond to a brand’s content marketing.

Ivelisse loves reading (literally SHE DOES) because before deciding to finish her Bachelor Degree she thought she could be a surgeon, so she studied Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Calculus, Botany, among other subjects.

Ivelisse also thought she could be a literature book worm (from this her love for reading) so she studied Art, English, American and Spanish literature, plus French and Italian as foreign languages aside from her native Spanish and second language, English.

All this knowledge gives Ivelisse a great advantage to, along with her partners, design awesome digital strategies for their clients and sell their products or services without actually selling but engaging with the audience.

By having a more wide scope of how the world thinks (that’s what literature and art helps you with) and other cultures, it becomes natural for her to design and create for our world.

Ivelisse is very social, so feel free to engage with her and bring some digital coffee with you, she LOVES coffee, and its fragrance, of course.

She is kind of a thinker, so feel free to share deep thinking things with her. Ivelisse has a GREAT sense of humor (actually a combination of sarcasm and dark kind of humor). She loves to laugh, so feel relaxed to be funny and share fun stuff, not offending stuff, please. She doesnt like that (SHE REALLY DOESN’T).

Welcome to Ivelisse’s Blog!